Www.patches4less.com Guide to Designing Custom Patches

custome patcheswww.patches4less.com provides you with the widest range of options to design a custom patch for your organization or group. Custom patches can be designed to feature an attractive logo or striking image that effectively provides an identity for your group. But if you are designing a patch for the first time, it can be challenging to come up with an effective one. To help you, here are some tips:

  • Familiarize yourself with the options provided by www.patches4less.com. You are provided with a wide variety of choices to ensure that your patch is perfectly personalized.
    You can choose the size, color, embroidery type, border, backing and even the option to use metallic or neon thread on the patch.
  • How much can you spend on your patches? The budget you’ve allocated determines what options are available to you. You are allowed up to seven colors and a mirrored border for free. Other options are charged either as a percentage of the price per patch or at a nominal additional charge. The minimum order is ten pieces.
  • If you don’t have an artist available to design the patch, write down all the essential elements the patch needs to have. For instance, for a motorcycle group, you might need the logo, an image representing the group and its designation (if it is a local chapter for instance).
  • Consider the shape and size of the patch. Do you want a standard shape such as a rectangle or oval, or do you want a distinct shape (i.e. to make the patch look like a badge)? The size will be determined by where the patch will be placed, i.e. on a hat, a sleeve or a pocket. You also have the option to order a hot cut edge if you want more detail. www.patches4less.com has staff artists available to help you craft the perfect patch for free.
  • Check out the online color guide to determine the color scheme of your patch. The patch is made from twill backing onto which the design is embroidered. You can choose 50% and 75% embroidery which will allow the backing to show, or 100% embroidery, which covers the backing entirely. One thing to note is that colors may display differently on the online chart depending on your monitor, so if you want to see what the exact color is like, check out an offline Pantone color chart, which is available at your local library or at a print shop.
  • If you are planning to send artwork that you want duplicated onto the patch, send it in high resolution of at least 300 dpi. If you want specific colors on the image, detail what colors you want and where they should go.
  • Decide the type of backing that is most appropriate. If you want patches that you can easily transfer from one garment to the next, you can choose Velcro backing. Button loops allow the patch to be hung from a button or lapel pin and don’t need to be sewn on. Iron-on backing allows patches to be quickly attached to clothing, a good choice if you need to attach patches to multiple garments quickly. And if you would like a patch that is more durable than regular patches, you can choose plastic backing that ensures the patch will maintain its shape, even after multiple washing and everyday wear and tear.
  • To add a flashier look to your patch, you might want to enhance it with metallic or neon thread. These can be used on logos and other lettering on the patch or on backgrounds. But these should be used sparingly since overuse might result in a patch that looks tacky.
  • Be aware of size limitations. If you have a small patch, fine details may not be embroidered properly so you should make sure that the design fits the size of the patch. You can consult with the site’s artists if you have any questions as to whether or not your image is appropriate to the patch.

Now that you have some ideas of how to design your patch, why not start the process by availing of a free quote? All you have to do is fill up the standard quote form available on the www.patches4less.com site.

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www.patches4less.com provides a wide range of designs and styles in patches, custom patches and iron on patches for your business, company and school. It designs an innovative logos and images for you.