Commitment to High Quality Military Coins

It is quite an honor to receive military coins from any of the military services, may it be in the navy, coastguards, army, and marine.  We know the stories behind each challenge coin – the stories of valor and sacrifices placed online for the sake of the country.

Not every citizen can get hold of the military coins:

You have to go through extreme physical and mental training before receiving one.  Others, even after graduating from the military training do not receive such coins.  They wait to get deployed so they can have these coin representations that will serve as part of their identity.

The story of how a military challenge coin started was inspiring and it became a tradition because of the story of the miracle that happened in the past involving it.  Soldiers may lose all documents that represent them in the course of carrying out their duty, but keeping the symbol and representation of membership in the elite force is as well as maintaining those identifications.  If you haven’t heard about that story yet, then here is a quick recount on how the items came into existence.

Military Challenge Coins

During World War 1, accordingly, Americans, including the rich college students enlisted in the military.  One rich lieutenant has coins engraved with the unit’s emblem made and he distributed it to all the members of his air force squadron. During an air assault, one pilot was forced to land behind enemy lines. He was captured and all his documents and proof of identity were taken by the enemy to prevent his escape.  Only the coin which he kept in a small pouch and placed about his neck were not taken.

When the opportunity to escape was presented, he left by foot and crossed the enemy lines secretly until he reached the other side (French side).  The American soldier’s speaking tone is different and he did not have anything to identify him and so the French thought he was a spy.  He was about to be gunned, but it was prevented when he presented his coin to the gunners.  One of his captors were able to identify the military coin and it was validated.  Instead of being killed, he was then given wine to drink.

From that story, we don’t know if the same will be retold or would happen to any of our country’s protectors.  What is important is the valor, integrity, and bravery that these military coins represent and what these items mean to our soldiers. These are made with designs that include the military logo, core values, and even the symbols of their commitment, thus, we have committed to the same mission.

Militaries mission is to protect our country and its people:

For us, we committed to produce quality military challenge coins that embody bravery and boost the morale of our soldiers.

In producing high quality challenge coins, top quality materials, like nickel, brass, bronze, gold and silver, are needed.  We can cut out intricate designs for the logos or emblems.  We can create the proof designs in colored or without colors depending on the desire of our valued clients.  We have highly skilled graphic artist who can create new designs or recreate existing designs for producing the same or exact replicas of military coins.

We can customize coins based on the needs of our clients:

Nowadays, some challenge coins are crafted without following the traditional rounded shape. We can cut these coins in the shapes of a hexagon or whatever shape you want.  We can also have their edges designed with a cross-edge or rope-edge finish.  We can make the metals look two-toned, or just polished to sustain the metals’ original color.

Military Coins

Depending on the request of the customer, we try to create proof designs without additional cost.  If the customer is not happy with the initial proof, we offer unlimited sampling until we can meet the desire of our clients.  We wanted to earn our clients’ trust and make us their partners for their challenge coins requirements.

We rely much on the word-of-mouth recommendations to gain clients because we believe that the recommendations of satisfied customers are the best testimonies we can get to validate the quality of our services.

To ensure that the military coins are handled well and are highly respectable in their presentation to their recipient, we also offer customized packaging.  Our usual package is the velvet pouch, which is lighter and can easily be carried by the coin owner.

We also offer to have the coins placed in a box or mounted on plaques, depending on their purpose.  For example, if it will be given to a distinguished person as a commemorative military coin or as a reward, then we can pack it in an acrylic box or casing.

If you are now shopping for challenge coins, come and visit our web page and see all the options you can choose from.  We assure you of our 100% quality service and product.